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OnlineDISCProfilePersonalityProfile.com offers the Original DiSC Personality assessment online. DiSC is the validated research bases online "DISC Profile" behavioral assessment or DISC inventory analysis test developed by Inscape Publishing. DiSC Classic and the Everything DiSC profiles and training was designed for individuals and organizations that want to learn more about themselves and others.

The Online DISC Test is often used for training and employee development, coaching and mentoring or employees and sometimes as a part of a hiring process (though it is not designed as a hiring tool). The DISC personality assessment is available to individuals, business, organizations and corporations. DISC personality behavioral profiles are research based and designed to help you understanding behavioral styles and personality types through our online disc questionnaire format.

The D.I.S.C. personality profile model, developed by William Moulton Marston and influence by Carl Jung, profiles four primary behavioral styles, each with a distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Applied in corporate, business and personal situations "DISC" can lead to understanding, better communication and heightened positive attitude. Insights into the DISC patterns have empowered millions internationally to better understand themselves and others. This online disc profile report is designed to provide targeted strategies and insights for interpersonal success through effective communication, understanding and tolerance. These insights have been utilized for personal growth and development, training, coaching and managing of individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.

Understanding your DISC profile gives you insight for developing rapid rapport and connection with people, a fundamental skill in selling, managing, and leadership. Understanding behavioral styles benefits personal and professional relationships by improving communication skills, attitude, thus reducing conflict and stress. Imagine being able to better understand what motivates people and being able to recognize how to effectively deal with others.

Looking for the Paper Test Version Of DiSC Classic Profile? We recommend the more comprehensive Everything DiSC Workplace Version for a more detailed easier to understand DiSC profile assessment.


Everything DiSC Sales Profile & Facilitation Materials

Inscape Publishing has just released its all new research-base an validated DiSC Sales Profile and all new DiSC Sales Training Program. With the DiSC Sales Styles Assessment and Sales Training Program Materials:

  • You can learn Your DiSC sales style.
  • Identifying your customer’s DiSC buying styles.
  • Discover how to adapt your DiSC sales style to meet your customer’s needs.

You can take the Everything DiSC Online Sales Profile as a stand alone assessment and sales training tool or purchase the complete training program. Learn More..

Everything DiSC Management Profile - Management Styles Assessment.

DiSC® based management profile. Developed to provide managers at all levels useful insight in:

  • Developing management styles
  • Improving communication
  • Increasing employee engagement

This DiSC Management Training tool was developed as a stand alone Online DiSC Management Style Assessment, as well as to be used with the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation & Training Program. 

View Sample Profile.  Learn more or order the Everything DiSC Management Profile.

DiSC Personality Profile Trainer Certification By Everything DiSC - Wiley.

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